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gigabyte 560ti volt mods


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So even though I immediately killed the memory by being to happy to turn a pot heres how to volt mod this card and basically any reference ish 560ti since they use the same controllers.

Gpu core power is a ncp5388. Look for an empty pad right below the ncp5388 based on the orientation of the text. The one on the left is what you want wire this to a 100 ohm pot since the feeback resistance is 2 ohms. OCP removal should be as simple as shorting over the resistor connecting ILIM to ROSC. Load line can be controlled with VFB and VDRP. I think disconnecting the resistor between the pins should remove all load line. On the other hand reducing the resistance from VFB to DIFFOUT should reduce load line but shorting is probably a bad idea. the resistance from ROSC to ground is switching frequency. Don't drop this below 10k as that is already 800kHz-1MHz. I wouldn't go below 15k as that should hit around 500-700MHz.

Datasheet link: https://www.digikey.at/htmldatasheets/production/234279/0/0/1/ncp5388.html


Memory is a RT8101/A. Look for the tiny dot on the chip to orient. I soldered directly to the pin. Feedback measured at 600 ohms so I used a 1M pot but 200k is also probably fine. This controller is really simple so theres not really much more to add.

RT8101/A datasheet: https://datasheet.octopart.com/RT8101GSP-Richtek-datasheet-12527331.pdf


Cap modding:

This card is already really good on the capacitance front so I don't think it did anything. Can't say for sure since I killed the card before running any benchmarks checking to see if the mod worked. 


Also delidding is a really good idea. Watch this to see. Don't crush your memory chips though.


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