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Allowed to use non-default settings?

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I'm sitting on a 3dFX Voodoo 3000 card and was contemplating on running it through the benches. To see what to expect I looked up what others had done with this card... It seems like all submissions using the Voodoo 3000 and the Voodoo 2000 and the Matrox G200 are done with non-default settings.


Further investigation revealed the bench (3dmark01) was run at z-buffer depth 16 instead of default 32 for all submissions.


Big question will then be; Are we allowed to run benches at non-default settings with hardware that don't support the default settings?


If so, I'm good to go and will run the benches, setting z buffer to 16 and tweaking what has to be tweaked. If not, I'd have to go on and report all the mentioned submissions.


Thank you very much :)

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I'm really sorry it takes so much time to revise all these results. I'm aware of the current mess with the new wprime version. You and your fellow moderators are doing well jmke.


I'm trying not to mess things up too badly when reporting scores, and be helpfull instead of creating more work.

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sorry but to make the results comparable all results for the used benchmarks have to use the same settings; the 3DFX cards were added to the HWBot for specification reference sake, they don't however have the specs needed to run 3DMark01.

Understandable, no worries :)

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