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IdeaFix - Pentium 100MHz @ 100MHz - 19h 56min 18sec 520ms SuperPi - 32M

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There were no cheats to slow down. Perhaps it's the three memory modules and Windows XP without any optimizations.The photo may not show the actual position of the jumpers (maybe a different processor is installed in the photo), but the processor frequency was 100MHz, the memory was 66MHz The Socket7/Penium1 system was generally an unpleasant surprise in the context of HWBOT. Working out with the 370 was fun, and the 7 turned into a chore. On the other hand, s7 processor + any dx7 compatible video card is a very easy way to get 1 point in 3dmark 2003 :)
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I mase this submission for "Submit 5 SuperPI 32M runs which took over 12 hours to finish" achievement. All my pentium MMX processors are faster than 12 hours, and all p54 are slower. There oas no any cheats to make CPU more slow. May be, 3 sdram modules or silicon image 3112 and 30Gb DoM made system a little bit slower, but htis board helped me to get "Submit 5 SuperPI 32M runs which took over 12 hours to finish" and "Make 5 3DMark submissions with a very low score." (1 3dmark in 3dmark 2003 with GeForce 256). It was more interesting for me to bench SMP S7 boards, but there is no any way to make fsb more than 66 on my tyan angd gigabyte s7 dual socket boards :(
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