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  1. add please ASRock B365M Pro4
  2. please add mboards SuperPower SP-V586B (VIA VP3, Socket 7) - link A-Trend ATC-5220 (VIA MVP3, Socket Super 7) - link Lucky Star 5MVP4 (VIA MVP4, Socket Super 7) - link Zida Tomatoboard 5SVA (VIA VPX, Socket 7) - link PCPartner MVP3BS7-954 (VIA MVP3, Socket Super 7) - link Chaintech 5AGM3 (VIA MVP3, Socket Super 7) - link Acorp 5sis22 (SiS 5571, Socket 7) - link Gigabyte GA-586T2 (Intel 82430 TX, Socket 7) - link
  3. @Strunkenbold please add mb msi ms-5184
  4. yep! @GRIFF done it! https://hwbot.org/submission/4382063_griff_reference_frequency_p5a_b_150.04_mhz
  5. btw i can't validate this cpu - Corrupted or missing CVF (Code: 4) i wrote to cpuz support, waiting for answer in post cpu detected as Cyrix MediaGXi-S at 166mhz. sry for broken monitor
  6. add plz cpu Cyrix MediaGXi 166 mhz
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