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  1. sorry for necrobumping. cyrix/ibm 6x86l pr166+ (66*2 stock) @ OC 165mhz (83*2) benching wprime 1024m, and after 82% (~12hours benching) write me "cheat detected". wtf?!
  2. add plz cyrix/ibm 6x86L PR200+
  3. yea, i wrote them, but no response
  4. also wprime show my cpu as 486 with 1906mhz LOL
  5. Hi guys I have ibm/cyrix cpu 6x86l, and i cant validate it. I install cpuz v1.70, save validation file and site rejected my file because i use old version cpuz. I try all versions 1.75-1.90 and app crash if i click "save validation file". And cpuz show my cpu as unknown cpu with 83mhz bus (i run 2.5*66 stable) Running on win2k without sp, because i cant install and run winxp (error - cpu didnt have instructions CMPXCHG8B and CPUID). Submitted superpi 1M here Any1 idea?
  6. yea, it works. im tested fx5200 on atc-5220 and ga-5aa and didnt have any problems
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