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  1. Question: Can I use an older CPUZ version on legacy hardware? Answer: Yes, HWBOT recognises that on LGA1156 and older hardware newer CPU versions can lead to wrong multiplier detection and even BSODs while just opening CPUZ. Therefore scores are allowed on these Legacy platforms with CPUZ version1.59 or CPUZ version 1.77 hmm, afaik that cpuz versions can't validation (req new version cpuz). and no info about cpuz vintage edition
  2. please add RAM - PQI power module PC166 SDRAM https://cache.osta.ee/iv2/auctions/1_24_1583460.png
  3. please add motherboard - PCPartner A3ASA-285U https://valid.x86.fr/2w00uz http://support.pcpartner.com/products/ATI/M-285u.htm
  4. i have XFX FX5200 256mb PCI, and it doesnt work with PCI version 2.1 mboards (i test on ALi ALADDiN 5 and VIA MVP3), and perfectly works with PCI version 2.2 (i815 and newer)
  5. It allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art. LUL didnt know that
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