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  1. who need download all-in-one file - added archives in folders. enjoy!
  2. also looking for EPoX FTP backup. i contact with SUPoX via email but they did no answer
  3. hi! i upload my little collection files. including AOpen, ABIT, Shuttle, DFI, FIC, Acorp, and other former manufacturers. GOOGLE DRIVE
  4. found some stuff for DFI LP - bootable iso with bioses info here download link here p.s. its not my stuff and not my links, im only test boot file from usb flash
  5. please add KEMX-4005 (or KEMX-4000, 4005 - with bga celeron m 600 ULV, 4000 - socket 479) https://valid.x86.fr/06z1fz https://hwbot.org/submission/4697775_ http://www.embeddedcomputersource.com/Download/Datasheets/KEMX-4000_11202008.pdf
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