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Processor specifications requests : Merge three Athlon 700MHz SLOT A categories, and add Athlon 700MHz SLOT A T-Bird


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Priority: High


There are three categories for Athlon 700MHz SLOT A, and looks like they all are for Athlons with Pluto core (backside 512 KB running at 1/2 - 1/2.5 of processor speed). And there is no categorie for Athlon 700MHz SLOT A with Thunderbird core, which has 256kb on-die cache, running at the processor speed. So please, merge these three categories, and add one for CPU\'s with T-Bird core:\r\nhttp://www.hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_448\r\nhttp://www.hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_449\r\nhttp://www.hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_450\r\n\r\nCPU specs:\r\nhttp://www.cpu-world.com/Cores/Thunderbird.html \r\nhttp://www.cpu-world.com/Cores/Pluto.html

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