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We are not an overcloker team, but we are really interested in your achievements with MSI 890GXM-G65. We are a university research team looking for a platform for building a cheap cluster and we found this board to be one of the little with MicroATX form factor and heatsink on the CPU power supply.

But ... we are not able to break the 265 Mhz FSB barrier (with full stability)! Perhaps there is a magic combination of the board voltages in order to get these marvellous 293Mhz.

Could you provide this information?



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It has been a while since i played with this board. One thing is to keep active cooling on the Northbridge and the PWM area. I was using this board for a Phenom X6 and found that PWM area ran extremely hot. So make sure to keep it cool in order to start to achieve anything over 265HTT. I also never pushed the processor voltage over 1.55, but I did move the northbridge voltage up a small amount. I also found it better to use a discreet video card over the onboard to keep it cooler as well.Other than that I really don't remember enough of my settings to be to much of a help. Sorry.

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