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Please Help!! Super Pi 1.5 validation problem & others....

Expat GriZ

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Hi guys & gals....my first post here on HWbot and I would first like to say hi to everybody and wish them the best in 2009!! I've been lurking for a while and getting my courage and OC skills up a bit and finally started to post some of my initial results. I was just going to move on to Super Pi 1.5 and I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to validate my Super Pi 1.5 scores? I believe I'm entering the times & checksum properly. Any body else having this problem or can offer a solution??



My second problem is this....

Xtremesystems is where I usually hang out but for the last week or so first my post count wasn't going up, then my password wouldn't work and finally to top it all off I tried to reset the password but don't receive the second email with the new password so I can log back in. I've emailed the Mods @ Xtreme but no response. I'm also getting an email saying my email address is not valid or recognized but if this is the case, why do I get emails from them at my address?? Sorry if this is in the wrong section but sure would appreciate any help in getting ahold of someone @ Xtremesystems. I realize they must receive hundreds of emails but its been a week and nothing. Thanks for your time



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Ok, thanks for your reply. How does one go about submitting super Pi results to HWbot and have them accepted?


PS...got ahold of IFMU @ XS and he sorted my issues!!


Edit; just answered my own question, found it in hardware apps!!!

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Found info
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