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  1. Try this link in the mean time:https://www.dropbox.com/s/xtd41pm3i48te1a/RX480_VC_0.1b.rar?dl=0
  2. I've lost two gloves in the glacier crevasse just this autumn alone (protip: hold you shit when heli hovers above you), now account as well?
  3. Classic error: error Oops. Something went wrong. We could blame this on you but it`s most likely our crappy coding skills. You could try again or nudge our developpers for fixing this. Edit: Can't submit GPUPI either.
  4. This is how BIOS configuring looks like. Much easier than with previous versions Needs a hard shutdown after every change in order to boot new settings. Settings are permanent until hard CLEAR CMOS.
  5. Also, you cannot soft OC Socket G34 CPUS from Windows. You get instant hard freeze.
  6. Sorry, typo: co-funded not co-founded (stupid autocorrect). I take no credit for it, apart for doing some testing and sending over some money for R&D. Google "ocng5 opteron"
  7. Actually this is not windows soft oc, this OC is done through BIOS. For each setting change the system needs full shutdown, hence no RTC bug. Check OCNG5 project which I also co-founded and is now free for everyone.
  8. I agree, top score should remain online as a milestone regardless of the decision of any bencher. Can be without the name of the account, just top score with details.
  9. Sam, the main motivation for me to dig out a S939 platform this winter was hunting down your A63 3000+ Venice scores. Took me a week or two just to get the top spot in Pi32M and remembering all the old tricks. I've lost a lot of interest in modern platform OC from the same reasons you mentioned, but old school HW was what I started with some 9 years ago. Your tops scores are what kept me motivated. It's a shame that the scores get removed, especially if they are top spot. Your #1 place result is a benchmark for all for the future submissions. Unfortunately you have decided to devaluate the hwbot gold cup currency value like no other I believe the category records should remain visible to the public somehow, regardless of the wish of the submitter. It's a public information.
  10. http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-Opteron%206344%20-%20OS6344WKTCGHK.html ktnxbai!
  11. I agree with Wizerty about 01, 05, 06 and AQ3 but not so sure about '03 at the moment. Would keep it for another year.
  12. That's Sandy Bridge. I had a chip booting at 5.9GHz on ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard but barely doing Pi1M at 5300MHz @ -30°C. Refused to boot Windows past 5.25GHz.
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