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Anyway to stop gpu from getting OC when BLCK OCing? MSI B660M Mortar Max 12400

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Bought an MSI board and it supports BLCK OC so want to get a stable OC on my 12400. Will be mostly used for games right now. Ive some experience with Intel K series and ryzen OC but never BCLK method.

My question is can I stop the GPU from getting an oc?  So many times when my gpus get any oc at all and I launch a game it crashes the drivers so I dont bother if gaming. Its not a major problem if I run it stock, just playing bf2042 and iracing but would be great to get higher fps from the 3070ti.

Ive tried google search but its hard to get info on this.



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Does your board offer an option to manually set the PCIe frequency ? If so, set it to 100Mhz and then it should not impact your GPU.

Have you also tried running some other benches to confirm whether it's the GPU, CPU or RAM which are unstable ? SuperPi 32M is pretty sensitive to unstable RAM, Cinebench R23 tests both RAM and CPU and I found that the HWBot X256 4K benchmark is also a tough on (on slower hardware though). It might just be that your CPU needs a higher VCore to be stable (a 5MHz BCLK OC at multiplier 44 is a 220MHz overclock under load, if you have bad silicon that might just be the problem).

Also to make sure to check for temps and stuff like that.

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