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  1. This, the 7800X3D out of the box is pretty much to most efficient gaming CPU you can get right now (both price and power consumption. It's doesn't produce a lot of heat, so a 360 AIO will keep it nice and cool, but something like a Noctua NH-D15 or a Thermalright Peerless Assassin will also work perfectly. Pair it with some low latency DDR5-6000 to get the best out of it, higher frequencies usually don't offer too much benefit on AM5. As for overclocking, a 7800X3D is locked down, you may optimize the curves a bit to get better performance out of it, but don't expect too much margin. You're more likely to get some gains out of overclocking the GPU, but even then I wouldn't expect anything near a 10% gain.
  2. I haven't followed it all in detail, but considering that a 5800X3D chip is considered a drop-in replacement for a 2000-series, I think that if you're patient enough, you'll get the BIOS update you need (unless you go for some shady China-only motherboard from Ali). The past doesn't always define the future, but I have a couple of old Gigabyte motherboards and they are rock solid. My older MSI's are bit more wonky, I had on with a dual BIOS that failed because ... both BIOS'es died (and they had already been replaced in the past). That and another MSI board are horrible when it comes to recovering from a failed overclock. That said, I can't really seem to find anything significant about an AVX bug on Gigabyte boards. Got any links ?
  3. https://hwbot.org/submission/5427275_wutske_geekbench3___memory_single_core_score_ddr2_sdram_1169_points
  4. I have no experience with the Asus support but aren't people's view of support a bit skewed due to the handling of the VSoc issue on X3D chips ? You should also ask yourself how important it is that they are not last for adding new CPU's. How often are you going to switch to a new CPU ? As for the memory, B-die is the way to go, Samsungs are to be avoided. However, most manufacturers now know the value of B-die's so you'll have to pay a good surplus. There's this github but it's pretty outdated: https://benzhaomin.github.io/bdiefinder/, but as usual it can be a lottery (e.g. Corsair switches chips with every version of their sticks). If you have about an hour of spare time -> Other than that, expect pain and suffering when you want to memory train 64GB, it'll take a while.
  5. Will there also be a manual version of the beta available ? //edit: Damn I'm not awake yet
  6. Yay, no more me breaking geekbench scores 😁
  7. Wanted to say the same thing; make sure they share the same ground connection, the last thing you want is killing your GPU because ground potential differences are putting negative voltages on your GPU. Also make sure you put them on the same circuit to be safe, you don't want your PSU to run out of phase of each other.
  8. It took me couple times reading it, but it's fairly well explained in the documentation: https://hwbot.org/hWBoints If you want to know which benchmarks give you global points, then you can head over here: https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/ . Only benchmarks with points in the global points column will give you global points.
  9. I mildly care about both of them and I'm pretty realistic about any goals. There is no way I'll get into the top 500 career ranking, unless I throw a lot of money into binned (and most importantly recent) hardware. That's not my goal especially since there's tons of people in the career ranking that haven't been active for year, so that's just like fighting ghosts for me. Season ranking is more fun, but again, no way I'll get into top 50 at the end of the year, but playing is more important than winning. Hardware master is also nice and I'm glad it exists, it's why I still submit scores from crappy hardware that wouldn't even count in the career or season rank.
  10. Yes and no. I've got a box of S775's and on air with some benchmarks I relatively easily got 10-20 points, into the 20-30's occasionally happens, so with a lot of them you might get a nice season filled with scores between 20-30 points. My best S775 score on air is 30,4, the best on dry ice is 35,2. You're definitely not going to score a lot of global points with them oldies that's for sure, but they are still awesome CPU's for the hardware master rank. Once I tried dry ice, getting in the 20's and low 30's was more likely but I never got over 35,2points. Benching popular CPU's definitely increases the potential points, my average score for the FX-6200 is 4 and I scored a lot of bronze and silver cups. I don't think many people will try that CPU nowadays, but it was fun and I got the cpu with my Crosshair board, so no complaining from my side . So yeah, you can get about halfway of what people with golden samples can get, but 30x35 points vs 30x70 points makes a huge difference for your season and your career ranking. An extra 1000 points or so would get me from my current 1064th position all the way up to a 300-ish position. I need like another 7200 points if I want to beat Splave , or an average of 120 hw points, not going to happen with S775 😁.
  11. The life we all dream of 😄
  12. I don't think any of the CPU's I've mentioned are any special. It's true that the supply side of AM3 CPU's in Belgium/Netherlands is small, but I can't imagine the demand side being that big either. The only thing I can imagine is that AM3 still officially supported Windows XP, retro gamers like to throw money at that old stuff . Though apparently AGP is more desired than PCIe. The 4770K ... it's a K-sku, so that's the only special thing about it. It also seems to be a professional seller, so there's no info whether it's a golden sample or not. I sure hope CPU's won't become like cars. Can't imagine someone waking up, walking to their wall of CPU's wondering which one they'll be putting in their computer that day 😎
  13. Check your submission id's. The 2nd on is lower (so it's the oldest/first submitted), so chances are it's processed first, then it gets awarded points and then your second submission is processed and since it's better, it means the first one is no longer worth any points. I have no idea how the backend works, but it fees a lot like a it's a queue. If you submit a 100 results you'll see the scores pop-up one by one over a period of time because it's not processing your 100 submissions in parallel.
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