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My HYNIX DJR kit overclocks weird KF436C16RB1K2/32


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Hello, I've been tweaking my 2*16gb 3600cl16 DJR kit for the past weeks and I've got some interesting results, and questions as well. For reference, the kit is KF436C16RB1K2/32 packing the ICs KF436C16RB1K2/32 in a dual rank config, my CPU is a 5600x(B2 stepping) and my motherboard is a MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS(with the latest bios, Agesa Firstly, my CPU could only do up to 1867FCLK with the stock settings(CCD and IOD voltages were locked at 1V each), but after changing the voltages: 0.98V CCD, 1.05V IOD, 1.15V SOC I've managed to boot and work with 1900FCLK with no WHEA errors in a 4 hour stress test. Now, my questions:

  1. At those settings: ProcOdt 43.6 RttNom off Rttwr 80(rzq/3) and Rttpark 240(rzq/1) and 24/20/24/24 my kit doesn't always boot, but when changing clkdrvstr to 40 that doesn't happen. I've never seen anybody need such values, are my procodt and RTTs that off that it needs such values for clkdrvstr? How normal is that?

  2. My kit can do 16-19-19-19@3733, but at 3800 it needs the trcrd to be at least 21, anything under it errors out, and I am not sure if it's a heat value as it happens at both 1.45v and 1.6v after it reaches a specific test at around 20 minutes in testmem5, extreme config by anta777. However, with it on 21 that doesn't happen. I've read that some people managed to get better trcrd by changing RTTs and cad_bus, but I didn't succed yet, any suggestions? It seems absurd that it can do TRCRD at 19@3733, but not even 20@3800

  3. It can do 1T GDM off, but with ~32procodt rttnom off rttwr rzq/3 rttpark rzq/1, 60/40/20/24 and 56/0/0 Setup. Managed to get it from 56/56/56 setup times to 56/0/0 with the help of the 40 AddrCmdDrvStr, and anything less than ClkDrvStr at 60 seems to error out. How normal is that? Also it allows me to run 15-21-8-19@3800 at 1.5V with no issues, but with the same TRCRD problem as above.

  4. Should I return my kit and look into another at similar prices? Or is it a CPU/MOBO problem?

  5. What other voltages should I look into? So far, on top of the voltages listed above I've changed the CLDO VDDP at ~0.91V as my motherboard used to set it to ~1.10V.

Thank you so much for reading and I would really appreciate an opinion, guidance or any other suggestions!

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Your Tras is at 19 ? Usually Tras has to be at least CAS + TRcd, so I would at least try to up the Tras and see what that gives.

Also, the XMP profile for those modules is DDR4-3600 CL16-20-20 @1.35V, a 200MHz overclock over that + lower timings isn't that bad imho. Looking at the results here at HWBot, it looks like your set isn't that bad, because the fastest score is 3526@18-22-22-40.

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