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Vapochill LightSpeed, rediscovery and memories...

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I had posted this message in the Extreme overclocking section,

I had not seen the Phase & Cascade Overclocking section,

I am posting the link to the original one, I am not a youyube pro, excuse my errors.

I hope this will bring back memories for you, or a discovery for others?

Good viewing ;)

To the question, is it for sale, yes, but a little patience.
I know very well that the device is a collector's item, especially in near mint condition,

incredible, the 15 years of storage, it seems to be in the right place.

Even me, when I finally decided to give it a try, I fell out of my chair, only a bit of dust, unbelievable.

I said to myself, well, the internal protective foams are certainly ruined over the years, well no, like the 1st day.

And it works perfectly, I found everything, invoice of course, but in particular all the accessories.

I could talk about it for hours.
Device made for a collector, many Lian Li boxes have been specially made for the Vapochill LS,

and a Vapochill LS+ Lian Li box set, superb.


You can of course ask me all the questions that come to mind…about the Vapochill LS of course ;)

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