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grantg56 - GeForce RTX 4090 @ 3120/1550MHz - 38773 marks 3DMark - Time Spy


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On 4/10/2023 at 9:22 PM, Papusan said:

ECC video memory is Disabled. Have to be Enabled for 4090 graphics cards. Here's the rules https://hwbot.org/rules?referenceId=5277 (nVIDIA RTX40xx cards must use ECC enabled). And not valid screenshoot. ECC Enabled in the screenshoot but not in the validation link (https://www.3dmark.com/spy/37506792).

If ECC is showing as disabled in the Validation link, then its probably an issue with the GPU bios. Im using the Asus XOC 1000w bios on a Strix 4090. I have no interest in switching back to the stock BIOS.

I can assure you the settings I'm using are 100% stable. I use these exact OC settings for running renders in Octane, V-Ray, Redshift, & Revit all day long. Never experience crashes, freezes, artifacts, hangs or stutters. Even with ECC set to Disabled. Gaming is also a flawless experience with these settings as weIl.

I experience nothing but total stability with the settings i used for this run.

Sorry, but im not switching back to the stock bios just for the sake of ECC registering/working

Either way, its still quite stable as it is

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