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  1. https://www.deskmodder.de/blog/2021/06/15/windows-11-21996-zeigt-sich-nicht-nur-in-screenshots/
  2. Yeah bring in Catzilla. With all the mess from 3Dmark suite I can't see that Catzilla is a muchworse benchmark regarding buggy software. Atleast bring in 1080p or 1440 for Globals. And the bench is fun too look at as well.
  3. Hi. Will GPUPI 2.3.4+ be added as allowed version if it's guarded by BenchMate? I saw the talk about it here in the link but I haven't seen more talk about it. Thanks Btw. GPUPI 3.2 - Legacy Version + GPUPI 3.3.2 - Legacy Version should be added to the rules. Not all hardware can use the normal versions added into the rules. Edit. Saw this (V2.3 allowed). Thanks
  4. HI. Have encountered still a few Woopsie messages. But we can at least post/sub results in between those. But I wanted post that there is a flaw/bug. In the result rankingleaderboard list for the Cpu's the different benchmarks is listed in an random order. Etc SuperPi - 32M on top of the list while SuperPi 1M at the bottom on the list. Nice that got the site up again Thanks, good sir.
  5. Back to the same mess. A the title say... Woopsie. A server error occured. Error 500. Can't submit bench results neither manually or from Benchmate.
  6. A good start is to put up a donation button on main page. Make it visible so all can see it🧐
  7. Is there a progress trying to fix the slow loading and Server Time out mess? 2.5 week and still the same problems. Thanks Edit. The whole bot website is slow.
  8. It works without the server message now but when you click on hardware in your library, it loads very slow before the site show up. A small improvement vs yesterday, LOOL Edit. Still a 504 Gateway Time-out problem. + very slow to load.
  9. The server mess is up again. This time I can access my profile, my Team, click around etc, but once I try click on my hardware in harware library the dreaded 504 Gateway Time-out pop up. Would be nice if this can be fixed. Thanks https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_gtx_1070/ https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_rtx_2080_ Edit. Search on hardware get same server errors.
  10. Have now passed 24 hours since the submit functionality got broken. Hope it can be fixed today
  11. A the title say... Woopsie. A server error occured. Error 500. If this happens often, we'll take a look at it. (https://hwbot.org/submit/data) Since early this morning I have had problems with submit my scores. Almost 9 hours since this started happening. And I started up now try to submit scores again and same problem. I get same problem on different machines and with differnt browsers. I saw also earlier (a few hours before this Error 500) that it took long time before the scores went into points and medals / trophies. It als looks like my Career Ranking points won't increase after several new posted benchmarks. Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this problem. But hope some mods can lookat it. Could this be looked on so I can continue post my scores? Thanks.
  12. Sorry the Double post. The submit flaws for GTX 460M is now fixed. Thanks and the thread can be closed. Again, Thanks
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