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cant run aquamark


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Support for new hardware in aquamark/3dmark/pcmark depends on version of Direcpll.dll - a library, developed by author of PowerStrip program. You can always download latest version of Direcpll.dll from official site: http://www.entechtaiwan.com/files/direcpll.dll



File aquamark.exe inside this archive looks suspicious for me. It signed by Madness from KpTeaM. He is a good russian cracker and he can easy implement some dangerous code inside executable file. I recommend check this file with antivirus before use, or even better send it to some antivirus company for analyse.

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The DLL file works fine.

I was wondering what the trick to this old program is, I get about 1/2 the score I should with any hardware that I test, running Vista 64bit/windows 7 64bit. I have the X64 patch too, it doesn't work without.



but AQ3 sucks on Vista anyway.



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