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Wprime odd results

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So i'm benching my 5000+ Brisbane, and got thus far on same settings:


5th place Pifast - 36.30 sec (1st 35.11 sec)

10th place on SuperPI 1M - 25.95 sec (24.41 sec)

45th place on Wprime 32M - 47sec 720ms (1st place - 22sec 250ms)


Anyone find that a little odd? First 2 results makes sense, but the Wprime is so ridiculesly out of charts I have no idea what to think. Either I'm the dumbest OC'er in here, or there has been some hefty moderations to that 1st place wprime system. It has CPU clocked 123 MHz lower than mine, and still get a score 25,47 seconds lower than mine. Thats more than twice as fast..


At first I was running Vista 64-bit, but then i switched to a trimmed down XP, and even ran the RAM with better timings with some better cooling, and guess what... I still got 47 seconds. So I figured I'd try only 2 sticks of memory instead (2x1 in stead of 4x1), and sure thing.. the same number once more.


You can find the results here:



Settings I was running is:

Athlon 64 5000+ X2 Brisbane @ 3458mhz on h2o

4096MB DDR2 MIX @ 494mhz 5-4-4-5 (5-4-4-12 on the Vista 64-bit run)



Any one care to enlighten me?

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I've noticed that sometimes it detects the number of cores correctly and sometimes it doesn't. It must be down to the operating system; in WinXP x64 it works right and detects both cores of my X2 Brisbane, in WinXP x86, Win7 x64 it doesn't find both cores and I just set it manually. The quickest way I find is to press "~" to get the console and type "ft 2" to set wPrime to two threads. "st 6" runs the 32M test, "st 11" runs the 1024M test and "gui" gets back to the normal interface.



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