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  1. cbjaust

    Please add HW

    @Antinomy did you get access to what you need to merge these yet? Thanks
  2. Are you going to pull entries submitted prior to this rule that don't conform?
  3. Can we use Open Hardware monitor again? My daily happens to be in the Legacy AMD category (FX-8350/R9 280X) but HWiNFO always causes a BSOD Open Hardware Monitor works just fine though.
  4. At the very least remove points and make this benchmark truly pointless.
  5. Comp opens on 5/5/2019 12:00 UT... maybe that's why it isn't accepting your entry...
  6. I'll kep that in mind for future runs where issues arise. thanks.
  7. cbjaust

    Wrong list

    So edit your submission and add it to the correct hardware:
  8. In the following thread: but don't hold your breath!
  9. For this submission: https://hwbot.org/submission/4127244_cbjaust_gpupi_v3.3_for_cpu___100m_fx_8350_53sec_747ms Under Memory Details please change the Product from Trident Z to TridentX i missed this at the time and can't edit since the comp has ended. thanks in advance!
  10. Even if i had or could obtain the necessary hardware at reasonable cost, I think the added hassle of futzing around with recording a video of every potential result would rule me out. A one off video to verify a result is one thing but making a video every run is just too much to ask.
  11. You've got five stages Also where do you find Coppermine-256 cored Celerons? or is that what the BIOS thinks it is when you run Coppermine PIII at 66MHz FSB Surely a youtube video should be optional or be able to be produced on request? Anyway good on you @GRIFF for coming up with the comp. I'll have a better chance to have a go at Round 2 with s462 unless the chipset limitations are too restrictive Cheers
  12. cbjaust

    Please add HW

    @Antinomy, Ah I didn't look that closely! Guess that's why you're the hardware maestro! Cheers
  13. cbjaust

    Please add HW

    I'm not sure about merging the two because the 1440 board is for Socket s1g1 which is DDR2 and hypertransport 1.0 whereas the 1440 (Pavilion dv6) board is for s1g4 which is DDR3 and hypertransport 3.0. It doesn't really bother me as long as the "unknowns" are fixed for the manufacturer and chipset. Cheers
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