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  1. cbjaust

    Please add Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

    geekbench3 apk available on the rules page... http://hwbot.org/news/10038_application_99_rules/ also note that it will update to Geekbench4 if you have enabled updates in the phone (at least that's what happened to me) also if you have GB4 installed, it needs to be uninstalled first before GB3 will install.
  2. cbjaust

    Please fix submission

    Thanks, resubmitting of course fixed it. Deleted the offending submission - drastic measures work best sometimes.
  3. cbjaust

    Please fix submission

    This one: http://hwbot.org/submission/3883842_cbjaust_3dmark_99_max_radeon_hd_5770_53896_marks?recalculate=true I forgot to change the video card brand from MSI to ASUS when I submitted this result and when I went to edit it there was some issue that stopped the edit from taking (probably to do with the series) anyway I got that fixed by changing the series of card to something that ASUS uses but in the prossess added "ASUS" to the videocard batch field which I want to be empty. Thanks
  4. cbjaust

    can't edit submissions (2)

    option for removing X470 (and/or changing the chipset) is not visible in the form when editing or submitting... Thanks again.
  5. cbjaust

    is it possible to search for...

    Thanks, so I'm guessing they were supposed to be DDR4 subs and Trident Z was correct?
  6. cbjaust

    is it possible to search for...

    Is it possible to search for my 9 submissions that I have apparently mislabellad as DDR2 Trident Z (Trident Z is DDR4 only, AFAIK) so I can see what I did and hopefully sort out?
  7. cbjaust

    can't edit submissions (2)

    Hi, I accidentally saved a couple of scores with ROG Crosshair VII Hero as the board but they should be both ROG Crosshair VI Hero. But I am unable to select the ROG Crosshair VI Hero when I try to edit theme. Please fix them for me: http://hwbot.org/submission/3856182_cbjaust_unigine_heaven___basic_radeon_hd_4870x2_2702.42_dx9_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/3856765_cbjaust_catzilla___576p_radeon_hd_4870x2_11333_marks
  8. cbjaust

    division iv cpu limitation

    OK, cool. Thanks.
  9. cbjaust

    Challenger 2018 Div IV GPUPI V3.3

    Yeah true, I guess that mention of CPUs that are mandatory is a re-iteration of the Division requirement for a Ryzen 7 CPU. With no mention of what graphics card is allowed/not allowed in the limitations list in the stage it is a little ambiguous. Apart from the main title of the stage benchmark - GPUPI 3.3 in large letters!
  10. cbjaust

    Challenger 2018 Div IV GPUPI V3.3

    It took the GPUPI upload (Radeon HD R9 390X in my case)... I had misread the Stage as GPUPI for CPU where it's actually GPUPI (vid card)
  11. cbjaust

    division iv cpu limitation

    yeah, but when putting it via the normal page there is no option on the competition pop up to participate and in the expanded option the verifcation link requirement is highlighted as not being met which is why I asked about the formatting required - I should have added I was referring to the competition engine, not the normal hwbot page.
  12. I figured submissions are being accepted even though submitting from 3DMark,com doesn't work and the rule is worded as "must be submitted directly from..."
  13. cbjaust

    edits to submissions don't stick

  14. Yeah, I always do put up results manually, I was questioning the rule about having to send the scores via 3DMark.com: http://hwbot.org/news/13722_application_198_rules/
  15. cbjaust

    division iv cpu limitation

    Still doesn't work. Same error about the verification URL