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  1. @superpatodonaldo if you go to the Vega 11 page you'll see that hwbot considers it as integrated which most here would agree with.
  2. Bump. Should I just use the Radeon HD 6690D category for this combination?
  3. Is there anywhere else where the images can be found from the OP? Since the forum software migration many valuable threads have been impacted by missing pictures.
  4. The above was with Surround view enabled in the BIOS so the the HD 7670 was the primary card but apparently Dual Graphics still works in Windows with that setup. I think the the 4 GPUs comes from counting the display outputs availble - in afterburner there are display three outputs attributed to the HD 7670 and one from the HD 6550D. With the the BIOS set to boot the onboard first as is the recommended method, a physical display output from the HD 7670 is unavailable and Dual Graphics works as intended, here is a screen shot showing 3 GPUs and afterburner still shows 4:
  5. @Leeghoofd, Bueller? Which category for HD 6550D + HD 7670? AMD Dual Graphics as per above post...? ?
  6. @Strunkenbold would you please add the Dual Graphics combination of the AMD Radeon HD 6550D (from AMD A8-3870K APU) and the Radeon HD 7670? I'm not sure what it should be called; the HD 6500D + HD 6670 combo is given the HD 6690D2 name but the HD 6670 is available in both DDR3 and GDDR5 variants while the HD 7670 is only available with GDDR5. Perhaps the best option would be to call it "Radeon HD 6550D + HD 7670 Dual Graphics" since it's a supported combination but was never given an official name. Anyway, thanks in advance.
  7. fiji and polaris are not allowed. the rules for stage 14 as of now:
  8. I think along with Deneb the unlockable heka and callisto named cores should also be allowed because when unlocked they are full quad cores with 6MB L3. Edit: maybe allow unlocked propus as well if it's lucky enough to get full functioning L3.
  9. cbjaust

    790 boards

    I do have a GA-MA770-S3P that I was keeping for running Thubans with DDR2 (since the DFI FXB boards are a bust with hex cores) but if you really want it I'd sell it to you.
  10. cbjaust

    790 boards

    any interest in DDR3 boards? Like the GA-790XTA-UD4
  11. the Prepopulate option usually does not work for competition entires.
  12. As it stands now with the scores entered after November 2nd removed yet the competition ranking shows as if the scores are still in the comp even though they are not seen in the individual stages. Please resolve.
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