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  1. @Bullant what IC's are in those A-DATA ram sticks of yours?
  2. This forum communiy.hwbot.org... Only on hwbot.org are the wires crossed. I see new comments on score on the forum mostly, not on hwbot.org so I was initially confused about your complaint. Then I remembered that some usernames are screwy on hwbot.org. Yeah good thanks. same to you. Bullant - apols for the TC 👍
  3. Fantasatic result! -ozz your username and avatar does show up correctly in the forum, just not on hwbot.org - weird glitch.
  4. cbjaust

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    nowhere near zen and chew, also don't know the efficiency delta between the Gigabyte and Asus boards, so it's difficult to guage the score in relative terms and I don't think I'm about to buy any AM4 Gigabyte boards anytime soon
  5. Maybe for next time put a program on the border of the two screens to bridge the gap and tie the two screens together which will show that the screen was taken all at once. Unless it's something else I'm missing.
  6. I know you've been doing good work on AM3 lately with SuperPi efficiency and it has paid off well right now. Good show.
  7. cbjaust

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    Pretty slow but it's the first time I've run this kit at CAS 12
  8. less efficient than current No.2 (https://hwbot.org/submission/963290_mad222_superpi___1m_athlon_ii_x2_240_14sec_422ms/) but 400 and then some MHz extra gets the job done.
  9. cbjaust

    Some scores from me was deleted

    Sometimes scores can disappear from the rankings but you can still find them via the hardware library tab on your page. Just click on the number under the submissions column to see a list of the first 20. To see more, for example up to a hundred results, add "&limit=100" to the end of the url (change the number if you need to see more). From there if you see any results that don't show in the rankings, just go to that entry and run a recalculate on it (top right of the page). Other than that if you had results actually deleted surely you would have had a notification? Another way to find results is to use the list in "My Wall" if you haven't removed the notifications, but that can be tedious if you need to go back a fair bit...
  10. cbjaust

    G.Skill DDR4 B-Die 4220c12-11+ & Besi Cpu Pot

    Interested in AMD Opteron 144 S939 and AMD Athlon 64 3000+. How about 12€?, but you have to let me know how much shipping is to Australia, post code 3169 first. I do want the boxes and everything. Cheers.
  11. cbjaust

    Tweak book for cheats

    chispy referenced it here, it was with an RTX Titan but the entry is no longer on the bot... but it's still on UL at this time https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/32904864:
  12. cbjaust

    Tweak book for cheats

    haha not that new - joined the year before you did..., just a long time lurker. I just want surety of the playing field so it's fair and the scores in the hwbot database are an accurate reflection of reality. I presumed the lack of mention of changing AA was a sign that it was against the rules. When Futuremark/UL updated the detection scheme then flagged changed to AA away from the default perhaps there should have been a corresponding review to the rules to allow it or not. As time goes on we get faster processors so benching the same benchmarks with the same graphics cards would conceivably produce better results which could surpass older scores and still be "Valid" - with LOD, Tessellation and driver version errors allowed as stated in the current rules, but AA disallowed, even when the older scores were produced in contravention to the current ruleset.
  13. cbjaust

    Tweak book for cheats

    And yet no allowance was made in the hwbot rules for changing AA. Still don't know if reporting non-conforming scores will be actioned.
  14. cbjaust

    Tweak book for cheats

    Fire Strike Ultra rules state that changing LOD and Tessellation is allowed, which to me means that if the result on UL states that AA settings are modified then the result is invalid. Yet looking at many of the top scores this problem is present. Not to mention timer errors. Flagrant disregard for the rules like this just harms the integrity of the hwbot database. Now, if all these questionable scores were to be reported, would they be even taken down?