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  1. Have a Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9, would that suit?
  2. Usual benchmark rules apply as far as OS goes: Win 10 only allowed for Systems with no bclk adjustment and Skylake/Kabylake (and I presume Coffelake and the -X variants)
  3. nobody yet and competion is ended. Best for < 5GHz challenge is 3509155_johan45_superpi___32m_ryzen_7_1700x_7min_5sec_101ms Best at open clocks is 4225032_karta_superpi___32m_ryzen_9_3900x_6min_4sec_557ms Wonder if chew* or zeneffect are bothering with this anymore.
  4. With GB Tryout there is no save file, the result gets uploaded directly to the GB Browser: http://browser.geekbench.com/geekbench3/8687747 note the version is Geekbench 3.4.2 Tryout for Windows x86 (64-bit) This is the hwbot entry: 3950119_cbjaust_geekbench3___multi_core_phenom_ii_x6_1100t_be_12152_points/
  5. hwbot.org/hardware/processor/athlon_64_3200_plus_winchester/ The page for this CPU states the default frequency is 2200MHz. This is not correct. THe default frequency is in fact 2000MHz. Maximum multiplier for this CPU is 10x. Thanks www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon 64 3200+ - ADA3200DIK4BI (ADA3200BIBOX) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Athlon_64_microprocessors#"Winchester"_(D0,_90_nm)
  6. How would Primate labs even know if a result had been run under the security of BenchMate anyway? Sounds to me like BenchMate is doing his precious database a service.
  7. have you had a look here in the benchmark twerk thread?
  8. good to see some publicity on the timer issues with Win8/10. even if it is and inside job so to speak. might have to get splave to put in a new benchmate screenshot without the Geekbenches in it.
  9. Can the geekbnech browser distinguish between a vanilla run and a run using BenchMate integration? Also re: wPrime, the author has up to v2.10 dated 08-Jul-2013 would you include the newest version? Also the author of wPrime is somewhat active on the OCAU forums, he is user wwwww there (not sure if an account is needed to see member profiles, probably). Keep up the good work.
  10. I got the email from John Poole of Primate Labs with the GB5 upgrade key and after reading the above I replied to that email suggesting he reconsider his position given that I for one wouldn't have bought GB3 if not for hwbot, nor would I have bought GB4 if not for Benchmate. I won't be giving Primate Labs any money in future unless their position changes. I also suggested that Primate Labs should be supportive of hwbot and BenchMate for driving sales of geekbench. Heh
  11. Is that something GB does by itself or is it to do with the BenchMate integration? If it's the former, what's the bet our friends at Intel bought and paid for the GB update?
  12. Is this a competition entry or a normal entry? Pre populate doesn't work for competition entries using the submit button specific to each benchmark stage. The only time you can pre populate and get a score into a comp is when you get a competition pop up after you've entered a score with the main submit button in the normal way. Team Cup doesn't apparently have the popup function enabled.
  13. cant hwbot host this? 40KB/s is pretty slow going for a 500GB file!
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