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  1. cbjaust

    Please fix GPUPI for CPU submission (Team Cup)

    GPUPI 3.1.1 does not have the option. Next time I run it I'll delete the hwinfo.dll, I think I remember doing that before, thanks for reminding me...
  2. It's this one: http://hwbot.org/submission/3939629_cbjaust_gpupi_for_cpu___100m_pentium_4_3.2ghz_(prescott)_12min_37sec_485ms and the problem is GPUPI 3.1.1 picks up my mainboard as something it is not. (DH100 or something...) It should be a LanParty Pro 875B and I think that once the result goes in the chipset gets hard coded or something and so amount of adding the correct name gets the dropdown box to show up with the correct selection. Anyway thanks in advance.
  3. cbjaust

    is hwbot.org down?

    as per title I'm getting "not able to connect" errors for any page on hwbot.org...
  4. Looks like CPUz is spazzing out and reporting the bus speed as double the real speed of what I'm guessing is 128MHz. The changelog on the CPUz page doesn't go back to v1.59 but it's obvious CPUz fixed the bug sometime post v1.59.
  5. it's the first line in the detail thread for the DDR2 stage: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/185165-the-official-team-cup-2018-ddr2-stage-thread/
  6. Surely flashing a BIOS on a semi-modern FM1 board is not beyond the majority of the participants of Team Cup 2018?
  7. Yeah, I was only referring to the Phenom II x4 CPUs and I saw the Athlon II E0 CPUs were already listed as Zosma (or @Antinomy already fixed them if necessary) 👍
  8. As per title, Phenom II x4 650T as per this page http://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/phenom_ii_x4_650t/ is mis-categorised as a Thuban core where it should be Zosma. All the chip harvested Thuban E0 stepping quad cores were given the Zosma moniker even though they share the same CPUID as Thuban and as such are reported as Thuban by CPUz.
  9. Of the four Phenom II CPUs in the hwbot database that are chip harvested Thuban cores: x4 650T, x4 840T, x4 960T Black Edition and x4 970 Black Edition, only two are categorised as Zosma (960T and 970 BE) the other two are categorised as Thuban. Obviously this leads to ambiguity, either all the above mentioned CPUs are classed as Zosma or they are classed as Thuban but not both. Now I know our erstwhile database caretaker has recently resigned which leads to a bit of a dilemma.
  10. The patch when implemented immediately sets the performance back to "normal" Rerunning the patch and selecting no to the workaround gets back the mad performance.
  11. Not sure if it's HPET or some Windows Update making the performance "Normal" but a fresh 2008 R2 install and the F2 BIOS on the GA-A75-D3H did the trick. I was using a pretty much up to date Windows 7 x64 install before and had HPET on. So yeah. Interesting that you stumbled on to this mad performance and great work by _mat_ verifying his softwares.
  12. Well I probably need some kind of guide for newbies because with older CPU's that should be supported by OpenCL and AMD's APP I can never get them recognised, not to mention the difficulty locating AMD's earlier SDK versions. Most of the time I'm just glad GPUPI recognises the CPU and runs. You've got a neat benchmark but it's annoyingly frustrating to just get working.
  13. Yeah, I was always in Windows 7
  14. There must be some other voodoo at play because I saw zero difference with pre AGESA BIOS on GA-A75M-UD2H and GA-A75-D3H. 🙁
  15. cbjaust

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    I tried my socket 478 system again for Team Cup DDR Stage 3 and this time I tried 3.1.1 but it has the same issues with crashing on the HWINFO.dll module when starting the benchmark. So I deleted HWINFO.dll and the bench ran fine but at the end it had the same crash as 3.2 on module "StackHash_0a9e". I also tried 3.2 again but trying to save still crashed with the "StackHash_0a9e" module. Help! Cheers Edit: 2.3.4 works just fine, result file attached. cbjaust_GPUPI_for CPU_100M_12m-49.578s.result