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  1. also the non-conformant screenshot and the use of Windows 10...
  2. Fair enough, but why couldn't you get your screenshot to match your CPU-Z validation?
  3. Good one, only a few points off the ambient record!
  4. Cheers. It was a lucky strike from a scumtree haul (Lian-Li PC-71, Geil DDR 1GB, San Diego 4000+, more DDR and a couple of 775 office boxes for AUD$30!)
  5. cbjaust

    No reason

    your dual core version http://hwbot.org/submission/3953898_optytrooper_cinebench___r11.5_phenom_ii_x2_b59_2.78_points/ has the same problem.
  6. cbjaust

    HPET timer issues when activated

    the dual core optimiser is a driver for windows, and nothing to do with the chipset.
  7. cbjaust

    HPET timer issues when activated

    would the AMD Dual Core Optimizer be required? AMD utilities page
  8. apparently Opty has a habit of reporting subs at the drop of a hat and yet posts up this debacle. 🙄
  9. cbjaust

    Country Cup 2018

    Have an even number of stages between AMD/Intel and AMD/nVidia
  10. cbjaust

    Please fix GPUPI for CPU submission (Team Cup)

    GPUPI 3.1.1 does not have the option. Next time I run it I'll delete the hwinfo.dll, I think I remember doing that before, thanks for reminding me...
  11. It's this one: http://hwbot.org/submission/3939629_cbjaust_gpupi_for_cpu___100m_pentium_4_3.2ghz_(prescott)_12min_37sec_485ms and the problem is GPUPI 3.1.1 picks up my mainboard as something it is not. (DH100 or something...) It should be a LanParty Pro 875B and I think that once the result goes in the chipset gets hard coded or something and so amount of adding the correct name gets the dropdown box to show up with the correct selection. Anyway thanks in advance.
  12. cbjaust

    is hwbot.org down?

    as per title I'm getting "not able to connect" errors for any page on hwbot.org...
  13. Looks like CPUz is spazzing out and reporting the bus speed as double the real speed of what I'm guessing is 128MHz. The changelog on the CPUz page doesn't go back to v1.59 but it's obvious CPUz fixed the bug sometime post v1.59.