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  1. For OCN Freezer Burn Comp (1/12/18 to 31/1/2019)
  2. cbjaust

    is hwbot.org down?

    I first noticed about 7 hours ago
  3. cbjaust

    is hwbot.org down?

    hwbot.org down again?
  4. cbjaust

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    It looks to me like in both @bigblock990 and @skulstation's cases there was a 64 bit .dll being called but there are both using 32 bit Windows...
  5. What about GPUPI (even though its a royal pain to get everything working)? Hopefuly v4.0 will be out soon and and the woes of installing OpenCL support will be at an end.
  6. cbjaust

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    after intalling JRE 9ea+107 the cmd window opens and immediately closes and the GUI doesn't run. Previously had JRE 8u191 and it worked fine although the the checksum result after uploading was "invalid" and the result did not show up in the results for the CPU used (Core i7 4600U) but has a gold cup with the result being 1st out of 1. Uploading a result from 0.8.3 was fine: http://hwbot.org/submission/4030594_cbjaust_hwbot_prime_core_i7_4600u_3721.32_pps/ and it shows up normally in the rankings for i7 4600U CPUs. Edit: nevermind, uninstalling JRE8 stuffed up the paths in windows and the java couldn't be found. Adding the path to java in the batch file fixed it.
  7. cbjaust

    Crosshair VI hero max mem clock?

    Yeah, the early AMD agesa was limited to the primary timings and affected all boards.
  8. cbjaust

    Crosshair VI hero max mem clock?

    yes, list of settings is comprehensive.
  9. cbjaust

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    You did though: http://hwbot.org/submission/3984711_i.nfrar.ed_superpi___32m_phenom_ii_x2_570_be_13min_53sec_844ms/
  10. cbjaust

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Anyway well done to all participants, I was just glad to have one score that counted at the end.
  11. cbjaust

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I'm not, don't know about anyone else. When was the $@39@ controversy, did he have contributing scores to the Greek team effort that year that were later removed?