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  1. @Sparks.nl Leeghoofd stated the description in the rules is constrained by the competition engine. You're being pedantic the comp is intended for AM2/AM2+ PROCESSORS using DDR2 in an AM2/AM2+ motherboard. Why are you so salty about this?
  2. @Sparks.nl I think the intention of the statement "Only use processors using socket AM2, AM2+ socket" was to exclude Socket AM3 CPUs and would have been better phrased as "Only use AM2/AM2+ CPUs" while also stipulating DDR2 as mandatory.
  3. Not the only difference, the 940BE is AM2+ and will NOT work in an AM3 board. The 555BE on the other hand is AM3 but is backwards compatible with AM2+. The comp calls for AM2/AM2+ so any AM3 CPU is out.
  4. @chispy I have a feeling that Win7 is not validating properly on FM/UL any more because of the drivers. I wonder if older VGA drivers are detected as Approved Drivers? No point asking FM/UL as they will say Windows 7 is unsupported.
  5. Please EDIT score from 677.509 to 611.509 https://hwbot.org/submission/4804700_cbjaust_wprime___1024m_phenom_ii_x2_555_be_11min_17sec_509ms I accidentally penalised my score by 66s when I entered it. 🤪
  6. Nice, glad you showed up! Since my 9700 pro seems to be dead, I only have a 9600 xt to play with.
  7. @TheRealKiwi I think AM3/AM3+ are not eligible, it's only for AM2/AM2+ CPUs in a DDR2 board.
  8. Option 1 categorising by thread count would be very disruptive but possibly also very interesting and worth while. Option 2 maintaining the status quo and going by actual core count is the way forward. I think it is a mistake to pretend the little cores without HT/SMT don't exist. Having one sku eligible for more than one category (as in 8P + 8E and 8P + 0E) is also not an optimal strategy. There are always more desireable parts to have for any given category and this will not change.
  9. Maybe this is the solution: https://support.primatelabs.com/discussions/geekbench/60208-winhttpsendrequest-failed-error_winhttp_secure_failure#comment_48610378
  10. Can we correct the hardware database for the stock clocks of the AMD R9 390X? According to TPU they are 1050 Core and 1500 Memory. Thanks
  11. Please delete: https://hwbot.org/submission/4792659_cbjaust_wprime___1024m_opteron_270_12min_36sec_453ms/ Also when looking at the listing for Opteron 270 on the Dual Socket tab, the list is blank for all the CPU benches even though there are scores with dual socket setups with this CPU: https://hwbot.org/benchmark/cinebench_-_2003/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1152&start=0#start=0#interval=20 https://hwbot.org/benchmark/wprime_-_32m/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1152&start=0#start=0#interval=20 https://hwbot.org/benchmark/cinebench_-_r11.5/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1152&start=0#start=0#interval=20
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