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Core 2 Due E8400 vs Core 2 Quad Q8200

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for rendering etc. Quad of course, but in my opinion Q6600 is better that Q8200...


For Gaming, RAM Overclocking, Everest Benchs etc. E8400 is better...


I owned Q6600 but now I have E8400, and I think that for gaming and Overclocking E8400 is better ;)

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i went from E8400@4GHz to Q6600@3,6GHz ( later higher oc ).Cause games/progs will become quad optimized. Look at the latest games, GTA4 runs much better on quad. and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising will also be optimized for quads.

But you will have a fine/fast CPU with the E8400. I think the Q8200 is not able to get a high overclock, and has not much cache.

Like said before the Q6600 is a better choice above the Q8200, higher overclock and more cache. The Q8200/E8400 are 45nm wich is in favour for Q8200/E8400.


Sorry for my bad writing, i am from holland.

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