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HD 4770 - Rv740

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VR-Zone learns that AMD is planning to launch two new mainstream cards based on 40nm RV740 in May, a month after releasing the high end 55nm RV790 cards. There will be two versions; Radeon HD 4770 (RV740XT) and Radeon HD 4750 (RV740PRO).


Radeon HD 4770 is equipped with 512MB of GDDR5 memories clocked at 800MHz while Radeon HD 4750 is equipped with 1GB GDDR3 memories. Core clocks for both cards stood at 700MHz. The RV740 cards will be the first series from AMD to feature Triple-Phase power solution for more efficient power design.


CJ let us know that Radeon HD 4770 is expected to be priced at ~US$119 targeting GeForce GTS 240 while HD 4750 is expected to be priced at ~US$99 targeting GeForce 9600 GT.


Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-rv740-is-radeon-hd-4770--4750-launch-in-may/6579.html?doc=6579


My question is, what is the "new" triple-phase power solution?

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Great! Some things must be corrected;

- 128 bits bus, not 256


- 640 stream processing units, not 800


I've bought a sapphire one.. the day after tomorrow I will post some o/c results..

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i got a asus top bios, and with smart doctor and 1.3V I can get up to 985 core, Memory 1100mhz

100% stable with games and no artifacting in ati tool. But temps are (for me) high, any cooling advice?

Also, i can't use 3dmark06 with windows 7.. I will wait until the RC release

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