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LapinouX - Core i7 860 @ 4127.6MHz - 9min 11sec 359ms SuperPi 32m


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No no no, the fallacy of using OC genes, which shows you the wrong result 197x21 = 4137

Your actual score is 197x18 = 3536.

So come Dock in Windows pressing the + button several times current show, the frequency of the first screen that is 197x21 = 4137. If you do not touch the + button will show in windows 197x18 = 3536.

Can not get such a result as you and other colleagues with similar.

No correlation seen the video yet!


Here they got





Originally Posted by LapinouX

Look my new post an new video you see all of process without touch button.

Maximum see : 4.41Ghz (210*21) but no windows boot with this frequency.

After i obtain different CPU frequency with different memory stick.

( HyperX, HyperX Genesis, HyperX T1, Ripjaws and RipjawsX).



Do not talk nonsense, that other memory is done differently and multipler FSB,


In JEDEC all memory are identical 9-9-9-24 666mhz


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AFAIK, rules are :

— power off

— pressing OC Genie button

— post (with displaying operating frequency!)

— boot in windows

— clearly show official Wallpaper + CPU-Z tabs (CPU, mainboard and memory)

— (for SuperPI-32M: clearly show first 5 loops and while CPU-Z CPU tab is open)



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