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Overclockers Argentinos - diferentes Teams - too much beer

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  • Crew

Yesterday in Buenos Aires there was a meeting of some overclockers of Argentina, where much has been said and form a community among several teams of our country.


This new community is based on knowledge sharing, such as volt mods (vgas, motherboards) insulation...etc expenses for meetings of OC together in predetermined locations for members of the teams involved, as ln2, dewar, and facilities.

Beer and food (like asado the best meat) and more beer ;)


The intention is to: develop the extreme OC. and the training of overclocking to enthusiasts of this hobby.


Teams that are represented in the community Overclockers Argentinos are:


Blue Wing Overclocking Team

Tecno G&A HDS OCR Team 1

Tecno G&A HDS OCR Team 2

Tecno G&A HDS OCR Team 3


In this first meeting the members assistants were:











All very good friends.


here pics:




Standing left to right: Ariel.F - Tsunamix - Sweet - Cañotes - Nazzgul

Down: Zeta-Im - Chotonito - Oliver84

All wanted :P







More news soon...:P



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pics and add information
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  • Crew

Please dont report by "Beer Sharing"............:D


Anyway, our friend and member of this community EmilianoHDS has achieved an outstanding record.

AMD Phenom II x4 980 (four cores active)


6700Mhz with ln2




Congratz Emiliano !!!!

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