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  1. No mandatory screen, please read the rules here. https://hwbot.org/news/9664_application_58_rules/
  2. and the mandatory screen with benchmark cpu- -tabs mem and cpu and gpu-z ? please upload screen or delete this benchmark, sorry bro
  3. Sorry Delly, thhats is confusing thing...scusa Sono davvero confuso, aspetto le altre mod. saluti
  4. So ? my friend This double channel score cannot be in Team Cup 2019...
  5. Im so sorry about that, that 580 fly by the moon and sleep the winners dream regards bro !and very good score btw
  6. Bro, at this time 2011 there was a serious problem in the database HWBot, by which many screens were lost, is a problem of HWbot data base not prroblem of members , and it was not the only time All staff of moderators know that We look at each of the scores reported and corrected errors of hardware, but if there is no screen, that is impossible, we simply can not for lack of that element. each of us take a lot of time in our lives to do this work, which would be easier if common sense were to be used in reports, so please take into account that the loss of screens, missing links and other trifles, are no problem of user. only in old submission, of course Thanks for your ansewer Edit, for your information, Sweet -Alex Vladimiro Korol- moderator since September of 2010 in HWbot i think, i'm old in Hwbot and for my age, Lives in Castelar - Buenos Aires - Argentina all my life, 59 years, my mother born in Italy Sicilia and my father born in Ucraine - Odessa, in 1919, I am happily married and have a daughter,so well.....sometimes im sweet and sometimes im crazy, many knows that
  7. Nice score, nice benchtable, nice chip, well at the end of a day.... Nice benchtable........................................................................... I wanna one of this openBenchtable
  8. @liqmet, remember that, missing photos or screens , they are missing in datanase long time ago. so all this submissions are checked. links not working, because its old link, so all this olds sub. are checked. Please stop with this attitude, if you see a data error such as bad mainboard - mems or microprocessor, that can be fixed, but the submissions old,.... they can not be blocked by lack of screen or bad link Edit: Like Bob Dylan say....its for you....or its not for you...?, dont remember very well, must be my age
  9. liqmet....liqmet.....liqmet...liqmet...liqmet....LIQMET!!!............................................ What I can say , I'm only human Edit:this is a message to Liqmet, if you read this (In addition to reporting many submissions) , "the old submissions can not be blocked, but can be edited if applicable only"
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