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  1. Happy new year everyone arroun the world, have fun and be good!
  2. chispy viejo amigo ! como estas ? , siempre vuelvo es imposible retirarse ya que es como un vicio, Un abrazote desde Buenos Aires y Gracias por la bienvenida jajaja
  3. Thanks so much mate, no problem, no offense, congratz solid run, my apologies, btw more than 50 ? you don't want to know my age, that's secret... Regards
  4. Could be hard winter or hard Pot with snow inside, i had a Pot but with beer inside right now will see Edit: nice score btw
  5. Sorry bro, but 1.71 volts with water ? is it a miracle ? Let us know how this miracle was performed, do you have a video?
  6. "A Futuremark verification link is required" in your sub ORB is missing, uplod this ORG please
  7. Bro max mhz is 4603, in ORB show 4605 Mhz , this bench is out the line for this comp, u need rebench this with max 4603 max
  8. Bro cpu-z 1.90 date 9-12-2019, have you read this rule ? https://hwbot.org/newsflash/5140_updated_rules_for_verification_screenshots_2020_from_08012020/ Please delete this benchmark and rebench with correct date and cpu-z 1.91 Thanks
  9. "Maximum turbo core clock 4.611 MHz" see ORB. this competition requires 4603 MHz max in cpu, sorry dely, but this is out
  10. Por lo comentado en el equipo es suficiente deshabilitar los puntos, no haría falta borrarlos, de haber otra novedad te tengo al tanto
  11. You are never too old for certain things... Good times....
  12. Yes please, thats bench is imposible -10pb-, and i hate it...1pb is possible to change ?
  13. New 2020 scores: a full size verification screen (meaning no cropping), mandatory usage of CPU-Z 1.91 or Legacy CPU-Z (or more recent). Exception: on old legacy platforms (Socket A and variants ) older CPUZ versions are still allowed. If unsure crosscheck with the moderators Seguramente es un error, pero antes de enviar cualquier vieja sub. se debe avisar a los moderadores. Re bench esto o bloquearé su sub con aviso al equipo de esta transgresion. Fecha de windows 01/01/2002, cpu-z 1.90, mandatory 1.91 o posterior
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