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Duplicate results reported for 2000+ Thorton

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Hey, it looks like duplicate results have been reported for the same member for Super Pi times in the AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (Thorton) and AMD Athlon MP 2000+ (Palomino) threads.


Both 46 second scores for the Super Pi 1M benchmark times show the same forum post link screenshot. Both screen shots identify the processor as a "Thorton" , not as a "Palomino".


The entry in the AMD Athlon MP 2000+ Palomino thread is not for a Palomino processor. It should be deleted. It is a duplicate entry from another category.




That double entry has been reported multiple times, but no action has been taken. Would someone please fix it? If a bot is automatically picking it up and reposting it in the Palomino class then the bot needs to be fixed.






This matter has been fixed. The duplicate score is removed. Thanks for fixing it. :>)

Edited by Barton
Duplicate score has been removed.
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