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Saturday night, roast ..... I lie down and put the alarm clock at 9:30 on Sunday. Never mind that the day was ugly, it was decided to try the 2600K with DICE. The alarm goes off, but last night there had been beer, some fernet ... The complex was built ... question, I turn off the alarm and say: -5 minutes longer.

I wake up at 10:30 am and swiftly, with the poker face he had, I devote myself to get dressed, brush my teeth, face and head towards the ice maker. I arrive at the factory and was closed .... whore, but hey, things happen ... I go to another, and found it open, but the nice manager told me:

"Nooo tiny, Sunday has to come earlier. They took about 15 kilos at 10AM ... I can only 1.5Kg .... With my poker face, I say, "I take them!

I get home (had armed every Saturday, after roasting), say: "Well, to find the point-(lie, with 1.5kg of ice, had no time to test and try ...) so I used the multi at 55, some adjustments of voltage and voila ....




But of course, and had only 1 kilo ..... between one thing and another, 0.5 k consumed me ....




What do I do?? I venture to raise and spend all the ice so bench?? Ma' siiiii, bench like this:




Cutting nails, bench ends the long and the short order .. I have 0.5K of ice (as consumed when this high frequency.) But, because if these results, do not draw nearly points, do not try to add a little with the 580 that fall short with WC?? Keep it up:




And some more .. but I'm running on 05 ice-free ..... I can think of nothing better than getting two cubes of Frize jajajajajjjajaajja:





Incredible, but I could finish .... bench.




pd: Sorry my bad english and the Google traductor

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