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  1. Consultation, the first PCI is not close to the chipset heatsink? Excellent work!!!
  2. Sorry for the double post, but I see the captain of team options, but I can not rename the team. Why? Regards
  3. Tks Mass, but I not find the captain's management tools .... found them, thank you very much: D ps: I dont change name team?
  4. Hi: Before the revision 4, some of my team went to another team. Now we returned, but none has the captaincy, if you can fix that please. the team in questions is: Tecno G&A HDS OCR Team 2 Best regards
  5. nazzgul


    Esperemos poder hacer una Latam unida en el overclock!!!! Hopefully we can make a united overclocking Latam!!! Abrazos jajajjaja is true, was the emotion of the moment!! Regards
  6. nazzgul


    On Saturday 9, specifically in Argentina Gigabyte offices, the first session of the group. This group is sponsored by the giant Gigabyte so hopefully you do much. This session was cooled for DICE and LN2. Some pictures... [/center] Thanks to Gigabyte Argentina, Vegeton (Gaston), Intel, AMD are making this possible. Regards
  7. I don't touch the options in Physx and in Vantage. But I will run it again and download this result. Regards pd: Sorry my bad english
  8. A marvel, my friend !!!!! As the first of many, excellent result.... Regards
  9. Gracias Lea... si, la puedo repetir, cuando ponga hielo jajajaja. En cuanto a lo de taparla, si, la verdad no me di cuenta, pero esta todo en default y se ven los FPS de cada uno de los bench. Igual, la repito, no problem. Abrazo
  10. Yes, but not in the ranking of my country. The team appears in the world rankings, but not in Argentina. Best Regards
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