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What is wrong with this submission?

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you know what's wrong with them ;-)




you added it 13 may and ask here as if you nose bleeds;)

anyway, both are fixed & unblocked, thanks!


That is a misleading statement...only one submission needed any updated verification which was provided the very next day. A month later and still no action. The other submission was not altered in any way and all of a sudden it is valid? The verification was added AGAIN on May 13 because no action had been taken on the issue that had been taken care of April 11.

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if you edit a blocked score Mods are not notified; so they never knew the score was updated. easiest/surest way to get it through the system is to submit it as a new score with the FM Link.


the other submissions was not blocked; it was reported by an over-eager user



Thanks jmke - Did not know it needed to be submitted again. Thought the edit would be forwarded. Will do so in the future if needed again.

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