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some questios about s423 & s478


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1. When you click "browse processors"->"Pentium 4 s423" the 1.6Ghz is missing.



2. There should be 3 categories for p4 1.9 1) "P4 1.9 W s423", 2) " P4 1.9 W s478" 3) "P4 1.9 N s478" - The in no category for "P4 1.9 W s478" they are all posted into "P4 1.9 W s423"


3. The same with 2.0ghz as with 1.9ghz, no category for "p4 2.0 w s478" all are posted into "p4 2.0 w s423"


4. Categories "P4 1.7 W s423" and "P4 1.8 W s423" have also alot of s478 submissions, mods should take a look at them and move wrong posted submissions to their proper category. Also there are some submissions run on nonWindows OS. I don't know if that was allowed in the past but they are alot faster than those on Win.


5. Also the category named "Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Northwood" has a lot of wrong submissions. It should be for 28*100 northwoods but there are only few of them, most of submissions are on either 21*133 "b" northwood or 14*200 "c" Northwood.



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