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  1. Hi. Sorry I was not able to rerun my tests, I had a lot of work to do in my free time during last month, thats why I benched and posted my results as soon as the competiton started. Competition started on 15th, I benched on 17th and 18th and posted results on 18th. The official round 2 background was posted on 19th. I used the available round 1 background as it was the only one available at the time. All my results from round 2 are with round 1 background.
  2. Hyundai PC133U-333-542 HYM71V32635 AT8-H AA 256MB Sync 133MHz CL3 On chip: Hyundai 105A HY57V28820AT-H
  3. I didn't test it on 1.85V, it did post on 133fsb on default voltage but would crash during windows starting.
  4. 30 min to go and I cant upload my score !!!! http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1978113 epox EP-8RDA6+PRO even tried as different mbo still getting error "Motherboard is required for motherboard benchmarks!" OK it worked somehow but now I wont have time to properly bench my p4c800
  5. Hello. I have a problem. I have a vga asus 9800GX2 and mbo am2 m3n78-am and it ain't working. Both gpu and mbo were tested with other hardware and both are working fine, but together they are not. Fan on the vga is constantly working on 100% and it wont slow down, there is no picture on screen. Vga was tested on biostar p43 mbo and it was working fine, mbo was tested with 8800GTS and also worked fine. Does anybody know if there is any kind of conflict between those two components, the thing the vga and mbo are from asus and they won't work together. Tested with corsair tx650w and combat power 750W power suppies. At least if somebody knows some site where I could ask for help. Thanks.
  6. I see your point, but they usually ask me to oc their PC . Runing tests on those PCs would be a waste of time because it's either a too weak motherboard, or its cpu/vga that I already benched. So you see you don't get 1000 submissions by ocing every PC, it needs preparations finding best mbo, ram, cooling, hdd, windows etc for some socket, then buying alot of cpus and testing them. So it's not so expensive as benching new hardvare but it's alot more time consuming. In rev2 "money invested" + "time consumtion" = "points" was the almost the same for new and old hardware but I have a feeling that in rev3 it's all about money = points Why does only Gigabyte have a mbo achievement? So to get the achievement I'll just delete(if that's possible in this rev) 20 submissions of s478 cpus achieved with p4c800 or ic7-max3 that now have 0.1 points and then I'll rebench without ocing anything on some crappy gigabyte mbo with via or sis chipset and I'll get the gigabyte achievement. YUPI YEA! On the achievements screen, for the people with lot's of them it says that they have more achievements than shown ( on my screen is says 9 ach. but lists only 6), usually the "I found the submit button" is missing, maybe some more are missing on the list. Also why showing the "Just Try To Beat Me" ach. in progress if nobody even has the "In Need of More Hardware". It would be better if only one level of achievement isshown as in progress, its stupid to see all four ach. of "cups and medals" as in progress for someone who's got only one medal.
  7. I don't know if it's a bug in points calculation algorithm for old hardware but if you're not in first three of five you'll get 0.1 point. The idea of overclocking old hardware for fun is completely ruined. I bought a cpu for 2$ put it under H2O and benched every test, the results weren't in top five because these are usually sub zero cooling, but they were in top ten, and there was about 5 to 10 points with that cpu. Now it's everything 0.1 points. And I've lost 600 points. And the achievement "Friends hide their computer when you come over" - Make 1000 submissions to HWBOT - It's name doesn't have any kind of sense compared to what it represents - 1000 submissions, The "I starved while running super pi" is fun, but I usually run slow spi32m over night
  8. Ticket ID: 396 Priority: Low cpuz link\r\nhttp://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=574817
  9. Ticket ID: 395 Priority: Low cpuz link\r\nhttp://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=574874
  10. Ticket ID: 394 Priority: Low cpuz link:\r\nhttp://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=589370
  11. I was looking at my scores and noticed that nothing happened with cpu results but vga results don't make any sense. I tried to access one of my vga scores, I clicked on the picture, it started to open and then firefox crashed. Either they are doing some maintenance, or something has gone very wrong. Rankings are constantly changing so it's not over yet.
  12. Well maybe if you would run it on P3B or similar mbo with full support for p3 and fsb133, maybe then could cpuz show the right settings. But thats all maybe. Most probably cpu-z can't distinguish those two cpus. And about posting 600mhz cpu into 450mhz cpu category, and using cpu-z bug to hide it is so wrong. Shame on them. But maybe aperacer is realy the first user of hwbot with this cpu.
  13. Sorry I wasn't trying to be rude, I just wanted to turn attention to this report and mine because they are similar. I reproted about problems in s423 categories on 05-21-2009 and I still didn't recieve any answer or even confirmation that it was acknowledged.
  14. It looks like there is no category on hwbot for this cpu. You should go to helpcenter http://www.hwbot.org/forum/helpcenter.php and create a ticket for this cpu so mods can add it to hwbot.
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