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Bad ghosts as always...benching with joe_cool...

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100 l LN2




1 x W3540

1 x E8600

2 x 4870X2

1 x GTX295

1 x EVGA Classified

1 x P5E3 Premium




1 x W3540

1 x E8600

3 x GTX280

1 x ASUS R2E (R.I.P.)



We missed to do a foto with all hardware:




Marc playing 03:




Me playing 3-way SLI:




Frozen W3540:




3-way SLI @ Classiefied:




Tired of benching:




Strange things happend this time (again)...


My W3540 doesn't run @ Marcs Classified, tried 3 times, but not probs on R2E...:confused:


Marcs 03-scores where under LN2 10k lower compared to cascade-testing, tried two different GFX, OS and drivers...:confused:


Marcs E86 can boot 650x10 into windows, but does only 6530 1M...:confused:


I did only:


wPrime32: 4,789 s


wPrime1024: 2 min 29.760 s with 3 way SLI


3DV: P31700 (only one run done)


More pics and scores will come from Marc I can say...


To clearify: Marc used my RE + RAM to test his E86, I was allowed to test his EVGA @ 3-way SLI and I bought a 4870X2 from him, because he is tired of CFX (willing to show my bank account after money transfer ;) )...

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