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You can normally name categories?!!


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I look a category 6200А and I shall not understand that this such.

a) GPU nv43+HSI and DDR1

b) GPU nv43+HSI and DDR2

c) GPU nv44+HSI and DDR3

d) GPU nv44+HSI and DR1

e) GPU nv44+HSI and DDR2

f) GPU nv44+HSI and DDR3

g) GPU nv43 and DDR1

h) GPU nv43 and DDR2

i) GPU nv44 and DDR3

j) GPU nv44 Dand DR1

k) GPU nv44 and DDR2

l) GPU nv44 and DDR3

WHAT? :eek:


And such everywhere!

Constantly I do not know where to send result


You can normally name categories or make a manual where will be explained that mean yours (or whose?) inventions?!!

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It's easy to find out the correct category, all info to figure this out is visible in GPUZ.

Really? Yes, I understand characteristics in GPU-Z. But I think them do not understand those who creates categories


For example all the same 6200



What result correct? Both? Any? Videocards(videomaps) differ

1. The interface

2. GPU

3. RAM

4. To taste - as manufacturers have called a mutant (for example IMHO 6600DDR3 = 6600GT, but there can be 2 categories)


This information should or to be reflected precisely in the name (that it was possible to compare to characteristics on a site of the manufacturer), or is NORMAL is explained if the category is thought up specially on THIS site.


IMHO. If not agree - state other offers ;)

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