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Pentium 2/3 hardware mismatch

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So far, 4 submissions have been flagged for this problem.


First problem: Pentium 3 800MHz is not properly detected by CPU-Z.

On Slot 1, 2 editions of this 800MHz CPU exist, one with 8x multiplier and 100MHz FSB (E) and another (faster due to faster bus) version, however with 6x multiplier and 133MHz FSB (EB).

Problem arises since there was another Pentium 3 CPU with 6x multiplier and with 100MHz bus manufactured.

Abit BH6 on POST reports CPU as Pentium 3 600MHz(E) when FSB is set to 100MHz and Pentium 3 800MHz (EB) when FSB is set to 133MHz

Unfortunately, CPU-Z has problems differentiating between the two.


This is the P3-800 CPU:



Which is reported as this:



Similar is with Pentium 2 400 which is reported as celeron. Problem is since L2 shut-off due to high latencies which I was not aware at that time.



You can see the 44 ns ram, which is rated at 227MHz x 2 working frequency.


Reported as 266MHz celeron. L2 chache is detected but CPU-z is unable to measure its amount.


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