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Bug reports : (Small) Opteron bug


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Ticket ID: 430


Priority: Low


There are 2 categories of Opteron 248 in the Opteron .09-list, one called Opteron 248 and one called Opteron 248 .09. Only one is needed, I suggest you rename 248 to 248 .09, and delete the other one, which is empty ;)\r\n\r\nAnother advice is to write 90nm/130nm instead of .09/.13, AFAIK most people use nm when they talk about this kind of stuff.\r\n\r\nThe 130nm category (or .13 if you wish) has some models where a 90nm part exists with the same model number. This can be a bit confusing, since the categories are labeled Opteron 242 etc (no process indentification), would be better if it was labeled Opteron 242 130nm and so on. (note that 240/840 only exist as 130nm parts ;) )

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