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Processor specifications requests : Please split AMD X2 5000+ BE and regular 5000+


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Ticket ID: 434


Priority: High


From v1.48 (or something like that) the BE\'s now say Black Edition in CPUZ. Perhaps it\'s possible to split them into two categories?\r\n\r\nAs for the older results (where the name is the same for both), I\'d say that the ones where the 13 multi was used (or lower) should go into the regular category, and 13.5 and up should go (obviously) to the BE category.\r\n\r\nTip: relabel the exiting one to 5000+ Black Edition (or BE), and create a new X2 5000+ Brisbane category. Then less scores would need to be moved than if you did it the oppiste way. I can also volunteer to report the non-BE scores so they can be moved.\r\n\r\nThere may be a similar case with the X2 5400+, but I\'ll look into that tomorrow.

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