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El Gappo - Radeon HD 6550D - 310.38 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset (DX11)


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Yes, tomorrow I'm going to pick up 30lts, to squeeze out all that I can, or should I say today given the hour :D

Now I'm yelling at PCM7... never tried this benchmark, and I already hate it... it's long as hell, sometimes it ends up corrupted and it needs to be reinstalled and, plus, I'm on an old WD Raptor 36GB that gives really really crappy performances comparing to yours :D

So I'm trying to set up a Raid0, to see if it would give some interesting improvement, but I think that an SSD would still be better.

Allright, I'm doing my best with what I have here at home and I'm yelling to those crappy gigabyte raid drivers without signature that W7 refuses to install...

It would be a loooooong night I think -.- :P

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