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Athlon 64 5000+ X2 Brisbane vs 5000+ BE

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I have posted results on the Athlon 64 5000+ X2 BE that are from an Athlon 64 5000+ X2 Brisbane. Why? This is the place where almost ALL 5000+ X2 Brisbane are. The problem was that the wprime32 and wprime1024 results were the best and this caused some problem. Just a quick count shows that 11 of the first 20 results of wprime1024 for 5000+ BE are from 5000+ Brisbane. Also at least 8 of the first 20 results for wprime32 also are from 5000+ Brisbane.


Considering that the BE is a Brisbane core with unlocked multiplier this could make sense and that was my reasoning. Anyway there are 82 results listed for 5000+ X2 BE and 1 result listed for the 5000+ X2 Brisbane ( there are a few more but this is what is listed in the processors page). Therefore the number of points are totally skewed because of this practice of placing results from 5000+ Brisbane in the 5000+ BE section. How to solve this? 3 ways: all the 5000+ Brisbane should be removed to the proper section or they should be merged or just leave it like it is considering that there are only disadvantages of placing a 5000+ Brisbane on the 5000+ BE list.


I would like this to be addressed.



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I got no response or opinions but I believe this is something that needs some time. I hope the moderators will look at this issue and find a solution.


Yesterday I was thinking about the 3 options I could see and it seems to me that merging the results is not an option at all. So I can only see 2 solutions:


Move all non Black Editions 5000+ Brisbane to the right place and the value of the scores in this place would considerably increase with a decrease in the value of the 5000+ BE scores. This would be the perfect solution although I am afraid it is not really something that can be done easily.


Leave it like it is with probably more than half of the processors in the BE place not being a BE. It should be no major problem as long as everybody understands that a non BE version of the same speed and the same core can be posted in the BE section (I am talking about the specific Athlon 64 X2 5000+ case).


Anyway I got a bit worried with this and want to solve it. So I could get a 5000+ X2 BE processor and runned it in my setup. I have to say that it is not as good for over as the non BE 5000+ that I have. Clearly this is just a slight variation that may happen in all cores (some more than others). This BE is not being able to reach in my setup the same top frequencies as the original 5000+. Still after quite a bit of work I did manage to get some results and decided to post them and move my 5000+ scores to the Athlon 64 5000+ X2 Brisbane place, even knowing that probably more than half of the processors in the BE section are non BE.


For me this case is solved but I do hope the moderators look at this case and may be find an even better solution than I could see since this fact was used to question my submissions.

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Thank you for the reply. I somehow thought that when I first submited a result for this processor there was only one option but was not sure. Anyway I was just not very happy with the questioning of the submissions if there was only one place to put the results just a few days ago. Anyway that forced me to make a few more rounds in the bench and almost a full day fighting with that BE. But now I have the 2 sets of measurements. Thank you.

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5000+ BE uses Brisbane cores, too. So if the CPUZ version is old, it's often impossible to tell which chips that was used. You can look at the submission date (the first few months after the 5000+ release all G2 5000+'s were BE's) and revision (G1 is always locked, so non-BE), and the multi used (13.5+ means BE, but 13 and lower ones are impossible to decide).


There are probably quite a few locked chips in the BE list, as sometimes you just cant tell.

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