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W3520 Xeon Corrupted validation on CPU-Z


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Hello all!


New to this forum, I have a evga 758 A1,Intel Xeon W3520 I am trying to over clock and the machine is not hooked to the internet. So when I do a vaildation for CPU-Z I save the file and send it to my jump drive then take it to my online machine, but the validation is in Chineese? It looks all corrupted where it would show the CPU, there is no stepping showing, blah blah. Not trying to deceive just get a good validation, maybe I "have" to be online for it to work right now?


Any help. I tried a search(google and these forums) for it first. Any help ......


Thank you!

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jag, are you tryin to use the Eleet validation? This usually throws the chinee characters. Make sure to use CPU-Z for the validation.


How you doin sucka? :D


Good man! Great to see you!

I knew it was something simple, damn you guys kicking some booty in the USA!

I gotta sawp this board for the CLassy, I know this chip has way more...


You be good man!

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