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Suggestion: Downloadable Submission Archive

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Is it possible to have an option so that each member can download all his/her submissions, complete with screenshots and the like? It can also serve as a sort of backup outsourced to all (interested) members. :)


I ask because I typically delete my screenshots of older bench runs and lately, I've been wondering what would happen (touch wood!) if HWBOT went down for whatever reason. :P

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Quite right. I've started saving all my screenshots since I got hooked on benching (it's a huge mess that looks like 1.png, 2.png, 3.png... :P). But I don't have my earlier ones (not that they matter since they were crappy anyway).


Guess I should start organizing them.

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some of the cards were presents from friends or borrowed so i wrote it in ( ) there to be remembered. I just added it a few weeks ago.



//for example the e6320 is called "E6320 (Christian Ney, Myself) :D


ok, investigated:

6150le was borrowed from a friend.

7600gs and gt were given as a present because they were dead. i resurrected them in the oven tough. :D

5200 ultra was found at the scrapyard. :eek::D

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