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I was benching a new (used) card last night & submitted my scores, looking at other scores in the hall of fame I see that the top 2 guys are using different videocards than the specs for the card I'm submitting

x1650 512 mb is the card they are submitting:



But x1650 256 mb is the card they are using, it has it's own section to submit to:



Says it was checked by a moderator (neoforce), does that mean we can just submit scores for similar hardware that we can get the highest ranking for?

(hey I'm only number 6 for my card, if I submit it as this card I can be #1 yay)


Doesn't make sense....

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I realize that, but they have a section with their exact hardware specifications & instead of submitting there & competing against more submissions with their hardware & getting a lower ranking, they submit it as a (slightly) different card with much less submissions to get higher ranking.

Does that mean I can just chose any x1650 category that will give me the best ranking whether I have that exact cards or not? You're basically saying that is OK & it shouldn't be.

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Got it. After reading that I went & looked through some of that other category & they are mixed up in there as well. Looking at the screenshots GPU-Z reports them all as Radeon x1650 series whether they are Pro or whatever, since buying the card used I was going by that so guess I can't even say for sure what my own card is.

So no problem, thanks for explaining.

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