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recheck an approved submission

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PMed a mod about this lastnight, but a buddy told me to post it in the forums not bother him.


This was reported (for the wrong reason) and subsequently approved. Would think it is patently obvious when running slower clocks than #2 and scoreing 50% higher.. but whatever.


There is only one laptop with a 256MB 64bit card



Caution: Some of the 128 MB equipped models offer only a 64 bit memory interface, which leads to drastic losses of performance. According to some messages the 256 MB version in Samsung R55 results only 3900 points in 3DMark03. This indicates a 64 bit memory bus.


Here is the proof




his futuremark verification reports the motherboard.


The mother board is a AMILO PI 1556 which is a fujitsu siemens laptop and does not have the 64bit model.


The fact that the 2003 score was pulled, should have been an indicator to the crew to check over submissions in that catagory I would think. This is 2nd card he submitted under false pretenses. And the other (radeon 7000 PCI) he even ASKED for an 32MB AGP entry in the database before submitting it as a PCI card.




tsk tsk



Would be nice to see mandatory futuremark AND more importantly GPUz screenshots for submission Makes it much easier to spot a cheat.

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