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Valid submission blocked

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I received an email telling me my submission at http://hwbot.org/submission/2243777_debs3759_3dmark06_geforce_gtx_570_38473_marks has been blocked, with the reason "Benchmark settings and benchmark subdetails need to be visible".


The rules at http://hwbot.org/news/884_application_12_rules/ state


Any online 3DMark06 submission must comply to the following rules:


use default 3Dmark settings

have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show 3Dmark score, 3Dmark subtest scores, 3Dmark settings, processor in CPU-Z, videocard in GPU-Z, unless if you provide a futuremark orb link


I provided the verification (futuremark orb) link for the submission. The verification link is http://3dmark.com/3dm06/16378688.


Can someone explain to me why the submission is not valid, or if it was a mistake? And if it was (as I think) a mistake, how do I get it rectified (unblocked)?


This was an entry for the January OC competition. I have tried to replicate the result, but have not quite reached my original score. It's still a respectable score, but I don't see why I should lose a valid score?




I registered several futuremark benchmark apps in order to be sure of having a valid verification url for every test, to avoid this sort of issue. Did I waste my money?

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