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Why is my submission not ranked / gets no points?

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I registered yesterday because I figured if I'm due for a WR I might as well make it official :)

Now the trouble is, my submission does not get ranked, nor does it show up in the "my submissions" subbox in my profile.


I've hit the "Recalculate ranking" button a few times, once it changed the rank to "waiting for recalculation" (nothing happened in the next 10 or so minutes), but most of the time it updates and says "0 ranking(s) updated. This is your best submission for this ranking.", while the "Points earned" category says "Not KainerM’s best Core i5 2400 submission" - and when i Click that link I get an error message. When I submitted it yesterday, it said something about being Nr. 27 on the waiting list, that didn't change for a few hours.


Furthermore, it lost quite a bit of data i put in when I submitted it, but that isn't as much of a concern to me.


Any chance to get me ranked?


kind regards


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