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Motherboard Unlocking: "Best mb flash unlocks before OC'g"


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As a day old newbie on this site, thanks to whomever gave this submission a "like"



and let me suggest this thread

as a possible "Best mb flash unlocks before OC'g" discussion venue

(or if one exists the mod can move this there)

because I am looking for what should be my next project(s)

after the 2 I describe here.



I am quite proud to have done the above submission

on just the 250W original oem PSU and all stock cooling


in this 10 year old hyper-threading XP rig

based off a Compaq retail S5400NX computer

that I mb bios flash unlocked to a ASUS P4G800-V

so that I could max upgrade to a P4 3.4 EXTREME EDITION CPU

and add max memory for a total of

2 MB of Patriot Dual Extreme Performance sticks at 2-3-2-5.


Add to that an XFX 7950GT AGP as the max AGP GPU

(ostensibly in its day it held the claim as the fastest AGP ever made

and hands down beats even today's XFX non OC'd HD4650 AGP)

For the submission I did overclock the 7950 AGP

unlike the CPU which was left at stock settings

because I was worried as a newbie about rumors

that the AGP/PCI bus can be a fragile issue in OC'g

and end up corrupting the hard drive.


I hope to get feedback on what more I should do.


P.S. I have yet to start submitting on another rig that I just did something similiar to but with AMD....

i.e. a retail ASUS ESSENTIO CM-1630 mb flash unlocked to ASUS M4A78LT-M

permitting me to upgrade from Athlon II X2 220

to Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition

which I managed to unlock

into a very stable 3 core CPU

and a stable 4 core but only with freq reduction

resulting in equivalent performance as the 3 core

and now just

upgraded to Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition

all on original oem PSU and stock cooling

and still on mb integrated graphics.


Again any suggestions with the AMD rig

especially as to what the end of the line fastest GPU

is for it that I should get would be helpful.


Thanks to all in advance.

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