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Pentagram - Radeon HD 5970 @ 945/1230MHz - 40844 marks 3DMark06


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Read it again and again ! We said Congratz and Great Job to our FRIEND "Babak" and It doesn't mean anything else But you're right It's now more clear YOUR system of thought ... ! :))


I want to emphasize again we sincerely said congrats to our friend "Babak" due to our friendship and Babak is Babak . It's Simple and Clear !


Stay Tuned,

Have a nice spring night !

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  • Crew

yep, you are right and just said Congrats!! BUT how can i believe it when you did not say Congrats to your team members?!








i know, you got failed about attracting Dear Babak so wanna try in other way! try more and let Hwbot Crews to know you better! ;)


good night!

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Haha,I don't know why we even need your believing ?!


We said congrats to "Babak" and he would know why we said and again It seems I need to emphasize Babak is Babak,not yours !


Btw, FYI we say congrats to our internal members BUT we've another internal system for it . OK ? :)



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