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Bug reports : Lost sumitals ,Lost achievments in progress


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Ticket ID: 777


Priority: Low


Ok, I posted 75 overclock submitals... now that I was starting to fill a whole page up with submitals and needed only 925 more to progress one rank...\r\nAchievements in progress.\r\n\r\n Friends hide their computer when you are coming over.: 27/1000 \r\nMake 1000 submissions to HWBOT. \r\n\r\nWith only 75 submitals and allredy filled one page I parsed the non highest submitals to make room by removing -48. Now my achievments have been reduced by the same amount. For a person to have a 1,000 submitals would require many pages of submitals and the counter only reflects the amount page cashed. I\'m disapointed to see that I would need to keep hundreds of pages of submitals clogging the important \"one page\" of information I need at hand. There should be a counter that keeps track of all of the users overclock submitals without being linked to the page cashe in question.

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