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  1. Good to see you here competing, glad to be with you in the competition.
  2. Oh, and this failure to install Intel OpenCL to intall
  3. I have downloaded GPUPI 3.3.3 ; After successfully completing the horrendous program troubleshooting the bizarre setup requirements, to even get it to work. Within the GPUPI program, upper menu of tabs, [Submit] > To HWBOT, Save result file, and Validate result file appear to be broken like a "Bethesda" product full of bugs. Jab, Jab Matt ( You are doing fine Matt, don't take it personal, just ill timed humor). Any idea how to complete the score validation process? X58 Chipset , Asus Rampage II Gene , Zeon X5680 CPU ; Windows 10
  4. Ok, I have a X5680, I will now have to beat you...for the life of me I just seem to not be able to do better than 113.799 sec. Phenomenal , decimal point.
  5. Maximum GPU under clock locked at 300MHz gpu and 300MHz memory with a whopper of a score , something fishy in Denmark!
  6. So Aquamark is a CPU test? no amount of LOD changes, Speed increases to GPU clock and video memory nets Zero Difference to score generated? 1495MHz GPU clock 2250MHz Memory for a RX 580 is an instant crash in any other benchmark beyond 2105MHz memory setting? If only I can use these video card Maximum clock settings in all the other video benchmarks without crashing...life would be good with a Golden GPU lottery. Starting to feel like multiple car low runs for that magical score bump, hehe.
  7. The png is 478 kb , I will look at the jpg size on the next saves. I enabled systeminfo and it failed on submit button, I went back into the systeinfo file to disable it again. I seem to retry at a fail to replicate another fail to learn the hard way for the sake for my insanity to expect a different result Might be nice to have "prepopulate fields by previous submission" integrated or... many people might only fill the two basic requirements of CPU and graphics card and skip all the tedious work to fill all the populated fields.
  8. Thank you Leeghoofd, second run through aquabot posted with success
  9. WTF is the problem with aquamark this time, odd the client version is 2.55.110, that the 298327 submission benchmark score is coming from?
  10. Is any further development going to address this long standing issue...This was mentioned by many six years ago, the excuse then if I remember correctly was the coders will need to work on it... "prepopulate fields by previous submission", rather than manually input a tedious amount of dribble into the required fields?
  11. This must get old to be asked the same question...Aquamark is not working! Perhaps the solution is to clearly state how to fix and find the problem... by default the installer has systeminfo on by default, that the current run around solution is unclear in how to turn it off. click on and run the file associated with the systeminfo
  12. The core aquamark exe works fine from where it has been placed due to wrapper development, clicking on the aquamark exe file within the benchmark folder like days of old before the wrapper. Now clicking on the new shortcut placed on the desktop by the wrapper aquamark fails to launch?
  13. Country Cup 2019 Sky Diver submission is based on the GPU score of 69,932 not the overall score given by 3Dmark 43,271. You are doing great, keep it up. This is the correct score outside of Country Cup 2019 43,271
  14. Ok thank you for the update. Now it makes since in the minor adjustment to the Country Cup 2019 skydiver score submission I am observing. That my paltry score outside of the competition is not registering into the hardware Master/Global categories as expected.
  15. Thank you for the reply, hearing that the graphics score was to be used, created a bit of panic on all my history of potential under scores of the past... I went to the rules to read that it states the benchmark score provided by the benchmark is the overall score. Not the graphics only score as suggested, reviewing the video tutorial also uses the overall benchmark score and not the bigger graphics score as suggested to used. yet my initial problem still is "1BadMoJoe has chosen to disable all rankings for his/her submissions", when in fact I have not disabled Ranking Position and my submission scores within the Country Cup 2019 and the scores are not being counted.
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