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[LIVE bench] TiN and T0lsty started LIVE show


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Casting: TiN & T0lsty

Equipment: 2 webcameras, 1 DV-camera


Finalised hardware specs to go this time:


E8600 Retail + Xtremelabs.org MAGNUM Copper pot

ASUS Maximus Formula + Xtremelabs.org Chipset Alu pot

Few sticks of DDR2 (Ballistix i guess)

8800GTX G80 card fully modded (caps, OVP, OCP, Vgpu, Vmem) + highgertz's GPU copper pot

Backup 8800Ultra G80 card fully modded + same pot

Enermax Revolution 1250W

xDevs.com Engineering Sample device.

Fluke 87V + Tektronix 2246 for accurate control.


Extra rig



ASUS P6T Deluxe OCPalm

Goodram DDR3 3x2GB 2000MHz sticks

all other is the same.


Will try to push E8600 on maximus to the max, then 3D benchmarks with


Estimated details:


9 AM GMT+2 Prepairs start

9.00 - 11.00 - TiN modding 8800Ultra card, pretesting mods on stock cooling and hooking xDevs.com ES unit

~11.00 arrival of teammate T0lsty with some hardware and 50L of LN2

11.30-12.00 - Time for planning and benching table setup

12.00-13.00 - E8600 pretesting, finding out max FSB for mobo, and MAX clock for CPU. few short runs of spi1m

13.00-16.00 - 3D benchies of GTX card if everything ok

16.00-17.30 - 3D benchies of GTX on i7 920, or if E8600 rig fit ok - continue on 775 rig.

if LN2 left then continue until last droplet evaporate out






Currently: ONLINE, repeat of yesterday videos :D

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