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Please add Intel GMA 4500M


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I have a laptop with 4500M, and I'd like to enter it into Team Cup :)

...Or should I submit under MHD? This is a 400 MHz lower bin iGPU instead of 533 or whatever the "HD" variant is. Due to the (lack of) overclockability there is for laptop parts I feel like it would be a little unfair to have to go up against the faster/higher binned parts.




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Well the difference is akin to an HD4870 vs HD4890...

The "M" part is a 400 MHz part vs the 533 MHz "MHD" part, and the chipset is GL/GS40 based, not GM45 like the part you linked above. My laptop has a GL40 chipset.


The GPU-Z validation was trash as GPU-Z doesn't detect these parts correctly.


If you don't feel it should be added I can understand I guess, since it would be a new set of team points however these are different parts...





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