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RARE K6-III+ 500MHz CPU in K6-II 533 class

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A shadow hunter







This is a k6-2+ 500MHz in a k6-II 533 class, User accidently placed a K6-II+500MHz in an uncorrect catagory please confer to the CPU-Z ID (exibt1)Model"D" and (exibit2)EXT.model"D", the (exibit3)Level2 cache (exibit4)Name states it is a K6-III+ CPU (exibit5) instuctions list it having MMX 3DNow!+, This "rare" CPU does not match a common K6-II 533 CPU-Z ID. I think it is a K6-II+ 500MHz

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Mistaken CPU-ID I just cross referanced it...This is a K6-II+ 500Mhz


Samples below show the same CPU-Z cpuID, sorry bout the confusion but it still in the incorrect class and should be reloctated-I have flaged the three score posts above to the submitter -or- someone else can phyicaly move them for him?





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More investigation into the matter and better information with samples with links
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Yes you are correct it does in fact have only 128kb on cache, we can agree that this CPU is a k6-2+ 500MHz?


In second post there are cross referenced CPUIDs' of exact matches to the misplaced submitter in question (shadow hunter). If this is true, it is still misplaced in the k6-2 533MHz category and should be properly placed in the k6-2+ 500 subclass where it belongs?


P.S. I edited my above posts earlier before your response. But the incorrect subject header I could not change, away from my earlier misdiagnosis as I gathered more correct information. I continued to look into the matter after my 1st post in which I discovered the correct CPUID in an attempt to supply the most correct relevant information around the time of the second post.

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