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Bug reports : Motherboard addition for "Reference clock" submision


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Ticket ID: 819


Priority: Low


Hello, I\'m having a bit of a problem submitting \"Refereance Clock\" submisions with Dell motherboard. Dell in the day had \"special\" motherboards made just for them and this motherboard has done nothing but piss me off more than once.\r\n\r\n I am severly limited with this \"DELL\" setup, (un)fortunately it performs better than the two other s478 locked crystal plls\' motherboards I\'ve used. Below is a cpu-z id that states the motherboard brand \"DELL\" and the model number \" 02X378\" any chance of having this motherboard added to the data base so I can get a few refereance clocks submited with this oddball motherboard manufacturer? \r\n\r\n


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Photo of mother board can be found in the March HWbot chalange, I realy need this motherboard added to data base for the "Refeeance Clock" submitals, this is the best motherboard I have for now in the s487.





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