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Hello extreme people


It's an undiniable fact that you all are top overclockers and maybe you might be interesting in this project. My name is Panos Georgiadis and I am the owner of UbuntuXtreme.com - the first hardware overclocking community for Ubuntu users. We have only one week online, so there are not lot's of stuff to see there, yet the visits are growing day by day.


We foresee that after Valve and Linux Steam version, there will be many users interested in building new machines, overclocking their hardware etc. A new market is coming. New benchmarks and new era for Linux and Hardware/Overclocking is ahead. Thus we are already building this society, by recruiting people who are interested to take part in this project, called "Voodoo People". These people are extreme overclockers, well known and respected by the community. Their task is to benchmark their hardware with Ubuntu, for example running a Unigine Heaven benchmark and publish their scores at our website. The thing that matters for us the most, it’s the hack value of an overclocker, a person that actually lives for sharing and contributing for the community.


For the time being, Unigine Heaven is the only one 3D Benchmark in Linux, meaning that it is about 5 minutes (or less) to run a test and post your results. We don't ask more than that -- just run a benchmark with your hardware and let people know how this new GPU performance under Linux. It's freaking simple, quick and fast. Any overclocker in "Voodoo Project" will have an account in UbuntuXtreme in order to upload the screenshot and his hardware, along with a paragraph storying his experience. We provide guides and any help neccessary in case you are total novice in Ubuntu. It's very easy task to do actually - no fear.


Unfortuntatelly I have no money to pay you guys. The website is still young and we are waiting for the big bang of Valve to hit the Linux world. All we can offer is that your are going to be a "celebrity" -- a leading star in Ubuntu and Benchmarking society, saying your opinion that matters to the whole Linux community. Sometime in the future, if things go well, we might be able to get you paid for your services. I only ask for people willingly test their GPUs with just one benchmark -- Unigine. Don't be surprised, there are no benchmark in Linux area, and yours will be the first. We are building a community here and we need you to be a part of it ;)


If you are interested to participate in our "Voodoo People" project, send me an e-mail at drpaneas@ubuntuxtreme.com . Then we will proceed with an interview in order to introduce you in UbuntuXtreme's readers and Linux world in general. More info about how to benchmark in Ubuntu using Unigine Heaven or how to install etc will be provided nonetheless.


Thanks you,

Panos - Man of UbuntuXtreme.com

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